Will my Auto Insurance extend to cover me in a Rental Car?

The short answer is: Yes. The coverages that you have on your auto policy will extend to a rental car unless-

  • You are renting a large truck like a Uhaul.
  • You are renting the vehicle outside the US or Canada
  • You do not currently have Comprehensive and Collision coverage on your Auto Insurance Policy.

If none of these apply, then the next question is Should I still buy the rental car company’s insurance they are trying to sell me?

While that is a personal choice, we generally suggest that you do for two reasons-

  • If you get into an accident and have to report it on your own insurance policy, it will go on your record and can affect your rate at renewal.
  • Rental car companies will often charge you for the time their vehicle is out of commission which your insurance company may or may not pay for.

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